Taking The Leap: A Field Guide for Aspiring School Leaders

Taking the Leap is a practical guide. Author Rob Breyer guides you through everything you need to be prepared for that first interview. This book will help you go through the personal process of analysis, reflection, and preparation. You will become more confident as you prepare for all aspects of attaining your administrative position. Rob includes several opportunities for you to reflect on your core values. He also helps you articulate your why, and identify your strengths or areas of growth. This book is a must-read for anyone pursuing a career in educational leadership. No doubt, you will be prepared to show the interview committee that you are the right fit as you take the leap.

Bobbie French
Educational Leader / Writer/ Podcaster / Presenter

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Author Robert F. Breyer is excited to share his new book, Taking The Leap: A Field Guide for Aspiring School Leaders which comes out very soon.

Rob wanted to create a resource to help teachers who want to transition from the classroom to administration. In the same vein, help Assistant Principals to move into the coveted principal seat.

This book focuses on 3 main areas… Analysis, Reflection, and Preparation.

This guide will help you successfully navigate your journey from your school administration preparation program to the school leadership position you wish to attain while helping you identify your strengths and areas of growth.

He did not want to create a book that simply helped aspiring leaders prepare for an interview. More importantly, he wanted to create something that caused the reader to reflect on:

  • Why do they want to lead?  
  • What kind of leader do they want to be?
  • How will their leadership positively impact the school where they work?

This field guide will walk you step by step through the reflection, research, practice, and execution of becoming a school leader.  There is no longer a need to navigate this journey alone. Get a copy of my book and let me help you along the way as you “take the leap” into school administration.