S2E3: Ready For A New Challenge

Deanna Moore White is a Gulf War Veteran who trained as a Hospital Corpsman, Medical Technologist, Autopsy Technician and Histotechnologist in the United States Navy before pursing her B.S.degreee in Biology. During her junior year in college , she started substituting and found her passion for education. She severed as a middle and high school science teacher before moving into an administrative role as a an Assistant Principal at the high school and elementary level. Currently she is pursuing her Ed. S. in Educational leadership and Ed.D. in Education System Improvement Science. Deanna is a passionate leader who believes education is the key to opportunity.

Education is very powerful. Education levels the playing field for individuals internationally. It is my passion to ensure that students receive the best education possible. As a visionary leader, I see possibilities that cannot be seen when you grow up in a dysfunctional home with abusive, alcoholic, literate or helicopter parents. Although parenthood doesn’t come with a manual, navigating the world is possible with the ability to read, understand what you read, asking strategic questions and being proactive instead of reactive. We can start the podcast off with bang by letting everyone know I am a United States Navy Veteran that served in the Gulf War. I served as a Hospital Corpsman, Medical Technician and a Histology Technician. This was my first career in the United States Navy, where I learned to do autopsies and identify parts of the human body using DNA during horrific accidents so parents, wifes, mothers, sisters, aunts and uncles could bury their loved ones. I discovered education while studying as a pre-med student and obtaining my Bachelors of Science degree in Biology during my Junior year of college when I substituted two to three days a week. Each time I substituted, Administrators and Assistant Principals continued to call me to come back to their school. No matter what school I substituted at during that time, I was asked to return. I was offered over ten teaching positions before graduating from college. After talking with my career counselor about the teaching profession and talking with my mentor about the stigma at the time, “Teachers don’t make no money,” I received the best advice I ever heard, “ If you find something you love, “ you will make money.” I graduated and enrolled in three summer classes on education during the summer. I was committed and determined that education was my true passion and desire.

Informational leadership interests me the most. Informational leaders research, prepare and strategically solve problems. Rarely are they impulsive and reactive to situations. Asking questions, looking for solutions and making difficult decisions at their strengths, but being compassionate sometimes is difficult. As an Informational leader, I strive to make human connections to support an individuals strengths so they become better from our interaction.

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Robert Breyer is the “proud” principal of Cameron Elementary School in Cameron, NC. He also makes time to coach aspiring leaders who are looking to make the transition from teacher to administration. He is the host of The Guiding Principals Podcast, where he encourages visionary school leaders to share the stories of their own leadership journey and celebrates their successes along the way. Connect with Robert on his website at www.beyondthedeskleadership.com or via Twitter @rbleads

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