Episode #22: Dr. Ashley Hosey – You Win With People

Dr. Ashley B. Hosey is an author, speaker, and educator. He received his BFA degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, his M.ED from the State University of West Georgia and his Ed.D from the University of Alabama. In his 20 plus years as an educator he has worked in both the high school and elementary levels in addition to working in an alternative school setting. He has served both urban, suburban, rural and at risk populations. Dr. Hosey has worked with countless student, youth groups and mentor groups throughout his career. Dr. Hosey writes and shares thoughts and experiences on leadership in his book Superhero Status : A Superhero Guide to Leadership and through his leadership blog Dr.Hoseyblogs.com. His hope is that his writing and thoughts will motivate and inspire others to use their talents, find their confidence and to make a difference in the lives of others. Dr. Hosey is a husband to his beautiful wife and the proud father to two wonderful children. Follow Dr.Hosey on twitter @DrABHosey or visit his website drhoseyleads.com

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Robert Breyer is the “proud” principal of Cameron Elementary School in Cameron, NC. He also makes time to coach aspiring leaders who are looking to make the transition from teacher to administration. He is the host of The Guiding Principals Podcast, where he encourages visionary school leaders to share the stories of their own leadership journey and celebrates their successes along the way. Connect with Robert on his website at www.beyondthedeskleadership.com or via Twitter @rbleads

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