Episode #2 – Fired Up

Brent Bogan has been an educator for 13 years. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with 3 degrees (Bachelor’s Degree in Geosciences, Master’s Degree in School Administration & Supervision and an Education Specialist Degree in School Administration & Supervision). He has experience in teaching World History, World Geography, United States Government, and Dual Credit Sociology at the high school level. Bogan has served as a Dean of Students at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Currently, he serves as the vice-principal of Christiana Elementary in Christiana, Tennessee. He has authored 7 books on education including “Flipping the Classroom” and “Unconventional Classroom Management.” He is passionate about integrating technology within the classroom and connecting lessons to real-world experiences. He is also a speaker through his professional development company, Unconventional Teaching. You can learn more about Brent Bogan by visiting UnconventionalTeaching.com

Show Highlights:

– Book “Flipping The Classroom”

– Take time to explore your passion

– The Unconventional Path To Leadership

– Be A Catalyst For Learning

– Failure Is An Option

– Meetings Where People Want To Listen

Michael Jordan Quote

– Twitter: @BrentBogan

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About the Author


Robert Breyer is the “proud” principal of Cameron Elementary School in Cameron, NC. He also makes time to coach aspiring leaders who are looking to make the transition from teacher to administration. He is the host of The Guiding Principals Podcast, where he encourages visionary school leaders to share the stories of their own leadership journey and celebrates their successes along the way. Connect with Robert on his website at www.beyondthedeskleadership.com or via Twitter @rbleads

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