Episode #1 – Ruckus Makers

Episode 1 of The Guiding Principals Podcast

Special Guest: Daniel Bauer

Daniel Bauer is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools, a trusted blog and category-defining podcast for ruckus makers in education. He helps school leaders fight isolation and frustration through his leadership community, “The Mastermind,” in order to gain clarity and find solutions to their greatest challenges. Daniel is also the author of The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap.


Show Highlights

  • What is a Rukus Maker
  • How do you “Level Up”?
  • The power of relationships.
  • Investing in yourself.
  • “Isolation is a choice…Everybody can grow.”

Twitter: @alienearbud

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About the Author


Robert Breyer is the “proud” principal of Cameron Elementary School in Cameron, NC. He also makes time to coach aspiring leaders who are looking to make the transition from teacher to administration. He is the host of The Guiding Principals Podcast, where he encourages visionary school leaders to share the stories of their own leadership journey and celebrates their successes along the way. Connect with Robert on his website at www.beyondthedeskleadership.com or via Twitter @rbleads

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