The leadership journey does not have to be lonely.

Coaching For Aspiring School Leaders

Leadership Coaching is one of the most important investments you can make for yourself, your school, and your students. You are most likely asking yourself, but where do I start? I will provide you with a structured leadership coaching model built to help you not only grow as a leader, but build self-confidence, and help others see your leadership potential.

Your insightful perception into interviewing and preparations was definitely a game changer for me. Being patient has paid off, as I have my dream job on the Crystal Coast of NC.

Deborah Trogdon
Principal Newport Middle School

Rob helped me tell my story in a way that showcased my drive and passion. He was there to answer my call after each interview screening, panel interview, and presentation. I knew Rob would always be there to encourage, challenge, and support me.

Karen DeLaPlante
Assistant Principal


Listen to gain practical insights from school and district level leaders.  These powerful conversations are packed with innovative and impactful strategies that you can  use to fill your own leadership toolbox. It’s professional development that is self-paced and readily available to you!


Are you a new or an aspiring school leader looking to sharpen your leadership skills? Maybe you are a new school administrator looking to find a community of like-minded leaders. Joining the Guiding Principals Mastermind will help you find the tools and relationships you’ve been searching for. 


Find some valuable tools that can increase your effectiveness as a school leader.